Lightning Flying Bat

The Haunted House!

Ghost Rising from Grave

Dripping Blood It seemed like fun earlier, before it got so cold and dark. Why not lay to rest those wild stories we have heard for so long about the old abandoned house on the hill? Some say it is a haunted house, but surely that is just the wild ramblings of people open to suggestion. The mansion is very old and has seen a great deal of life over the years. True, there have been deaths there too, but that is to be expected in a house that has survived the centuries. Yes, there was a storm approaching, but we should be back before it hits. That was before the wind was howling and the thunder crashing around us as if to wake the dead. There, I've said it. So what if this is Halloween? What better way to spend it, and think of the great story we can tell our friends afterwards! We can establish for ourselves once and for all that this is not a haunted house, just a run down old mansion with more than its share of history.

Are you sure you want to do this? It is not too late to turn back! Who can say what the outcome may be? It all depends on the choices that are made. Starting now! Even if you make it through the catacombs and into the old mansion, you will still need to find a way out and back to town. You may well find yourself trying to escape from the very goal you were trying to achieve. Those who succeed will be rewarded for their efforts. If you fail, you won't need to concern yourself about it, at least not in this life! Weigh your choices well.

Lightning Skull

It's always Halloween Night here!
Shall we enter the catacombs?
I fear we may be expected...